Saturday, 9 February 2013

"Short hair now, Long knowledge too"

Whenever mummy and daddy asked me to cut my hair short, I will just ignore them because I wanted to be "pretty". That was 8 months ago where the conversation took place.

Then, I changed my mind 8 months later...because I think that short hair...
  1. makes my head lighter
  2. needs not spend too much time washing the hair...using extra time
  3. prevents hair fall that happens every single day
  4. can prevent me to spoil my mood for wondering what hairstyle when go out

Yesterday, I went to Meglio Mahkota Parade for a hair cut. I was sitting in the middle of 2 young pretty ladies and they both too decided to go for "short hair season". So many ladies prefer short hair including the actresses in entertainment world.

The hairstylist taught me some new thing.
Oh well, the hairstylist is my sister's friend who never stop learning and improving. I can tell you that his cutting hair skills is improving each year until we have 100% faith in him.

"When my hair is short, what fashion style should I follow?" I asked.
"It's up to you, it's not related to the hairstyle. It's about you, only you." he said professionally.

"How do you know if a person is dare in taking risk in having her/his hair cut?" I asked again.
"If a person is so fashionable, then she/he is the one falls in that group." he replied.

Baba Nyonya in Malacca [Google pic]

Another hairstylist washed my hair. He looked familiar, I thought. So we chatted and he is really a friend from former high school.

"Are you a Nyonya?" he asked.
"I am Chinese la" I answer and he was not the first one to ask.

Then he told me that he is actually Baba. My curiousity does take over me because one of my lecturers in university used to said that Baba Nyonya speak very good Malay.

"Is Baba Nyonya Malay same as Bahasa Malaysia?" he is my resource for the answer.
"Sort of but not that same." he smiled and said.

"is Apa Khabar same as Nyonya Malay?" I asked.
"Khabar is pronounced as Kha-ber." he read it out once.
"We spend so much time preparing food in the kitchen because to us, the taste of food is every important." he explained it.

Mother and daughter new hairstyles


I love my short hair now, seriously. Feel so free finally:)

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  1. i agree! short hair is more manageable :) Happy CNY to you and family!

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