Wednesday, 30 January 2013

"Smile is the best make up"

Google: International Chinese Model Sui He

That's what I came across from the newspaper last week. Sui He said that her mother told her the best make up is the smile.

No matter how weird, how many times we face difficulty, we can still spend few seconds or minutes to smile or laugh.

New semester is coming. Hard subjects are coming like the strong wind without giving any vibe signal. A hard journey but a 5-second-smile can strengthen our spirit.

Let's smile for awhile before continuing the hard yet unpredictable journey.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Boscombe Valley Mystery with awesome lessons

Book Cover
It was love at first sight to read my brother's form 1 novel entitled The Boscombe Valley Mystery. It's about the famous detective named Sherlock Holmes.

It's about a murder case of McCarthy. Many thought that James McCarthy a.k.a the son of the deceased was guilty of murdering his late father.

However, the famous detective in the town, Sherlock Holmes thought that a simple case had complex story which we did not know yet.

At the end, we knew the murderer was a long time enemy of McCarthy.

Why this book is interesting?
  1. The story is transformed into comic form *My lazy brother loves to read it too!*
  2. There are some exercises at the end of each chapter *We can recall the story better, faster and easier*.
Comic form :)

I always love the fact that some stories or movie can teach us good lessons in real life.  For example:

1. Be more observant 
Sherlock Holmes is an observant master detective.
He knew the suspect was a tall guy based on the big footprint near the lake.
He knew the suspect was from his origin country based on the code gave by McCarthy before he passed away.

Real Life:
I knew a friend who was good in observing. She was not sure which was my house. But, based on the type of clothes which were dried on the clotheslines.

2. Be more understanding
Dr. Watson received a telegram. He was unsure whether to meet Holmes at the railway station since he did not want to leave his job.

Luckily, his wife was very understanding. She asked him to go to meet Holmes and left the job to other colleague.

Real Life:
Mother is a understanding wife. She never say anything when daddy always works at other states apart from Malacca.

Instead, she takes good care of the family at home without letting daddy worried.

3. Keep the promise
Holmes promised Mr. Turner that he would never let anyone read the letter of Mr. Turner as long as James was found innocent.

Holmes kept his promise till the end of the day. He never let Alice Turner to read what was written in the letter of her late father, Mr. Turner.

Real Life:
I faced minor problem last year. My lecturer said he would help me. Although I did not reply the message for a day, he still kept his promise on the next day.

That's how I get to start a new life again.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery's Lessons:
  1. Be more observant
  2. Be more understanding
  3. Keep our promise

Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's their 25th silver anniversary with triple news

Today is a very auspicious day. Daddy and mummy is celebrating their very first 25th silver marriage anniversary today.

What are the triple news?
  1. It's parents' 25th marriage anniversary.
  2. Parents' eldest daughter a.k.a my sister is 25 years old this year.
  3. Mother married my daddy when she was 25 years old.
The parents have gone through a mixture of joy and sadness. Love is the thing that makes their marriage stronger and stronger each year.

Their love story?
Mother was a young 16-year-old girl when she met my father who was 20 years old at the time.

No, it was not love at first sight.
Mother's friend kept telling her how Handsome my father was, yet my mother thought  he was UGLY!

Then, I did not know how many months or years that daddy invested before he successfully stole the heart of my mother.

Why my parents are awesome?
My dad has been working for years at different places, different states in order to support the children and wife.

To him, family is the most important thing in the world. That's why he loves the atmosphere of Chinese New Year so that everyone can gather and spend the good time together.

Daddy is the one who prefers to solve problem rather than dwell on the cause. That's why whenever we made mistakes, he did not spend times nagging, scolding us. Instead, he helped us to solve the problem. This one year, I learn his way of solving problem, no more dwelling on past.

My mum is a awesome mother. She wakes up early for her children without even complaining.

Karl  Lagerfeld is right by saying:"The only love that I really believe in is a mother's love for her children.".
Well, I agree with that quote 50% because the other 50% of love I really believe in is a wife's love for her husband.

Us, the children are stubborn and do not obey her sometimes. Yet, she may be sad but then she forgives us after that. She does not hate us at all.

As Sherman Alexie said:
"I think all of us are always five years old in the presence and absence of our parents."

I am really thankful to have such great parents in this world.
Happy 25th Marriage Anniversary!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Now, two real men understand the real pain of childbirth

Some women experienced labor contraction on their abdomens, the other group of women experienced it at the lower back of the body.

According to my aunty:"Lower back pain is worse than abdomen pain. Somehow, she experienced both during childbirth."

These are the real examples I found from babycenter:
  • I begged my hubby to throw me out of the car on the way to the hospital, it hurt so bad.
  •  Painful, until I got the epidural! It saved my life!
  • I had excruciating pain.
Google: Contraction moment
No matter how many women expressed their experiences of giving birth, the pain that acts as a knife stabbing them, the male groups will never understand their real pain...

until some men finally stand up and get involved in this real-pain situation. Thanks to two Dutch hosts named Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno used electro-stimulation to trigger the contraction.

They were shouting and moving from one place to another when the contraction happened. But some women can never move around like them during childbirth with big baby sleeping in their tummy.

Google: Mother is love:)

Now they finally realize why a woman is very important.
A woman must carry a big tummy to walk around for 9 months.
A woman must bear the pain of contraction during childbirth.

Watch the video of the 2 male hosts:)

 Karl Lagerfeld said:
"The only love that I really believe in is a mother's love for her children."

Monday, 21 January 2013

Max, the friendly little Man

Max was a lucky man. He met 3 new friends at 3 different places today!

1. At a coffee shop at 10a.m
A family was sitting next to our table. Their baby boy was so cute, sitting quietly on his Fisher Price's baby chair. My mother was talking to the baby boy's aunt. 

Max was busy looking at the 11-month-old baby boy. He kept looking and wanted to move forward, get closer to his new friend. But his new friend was too busy in sitting calmly.

2. At another coffee shop at 2p.m
We were having lunch. 
A family was sitting 2 tables away from us. 
But they had a cute 4-month-old baby girl who was so chubby.

We were sitting quite far yet Max still able to look at her, talked loudly, as if he was talking to her.
But the baby girl was too young to give any response to Max.

3. At a shop
A 1-year-plus boy was carrying by his mother.
Max wanted to touch him.

Actually, he wanted to take the boy's pacifier away from the friend. I pulled him backward, I mean Max.
The 1-year-plus boy was so cool. 

Then he cried because he did not want to go home. Mum thought Max made the boy cry.

He loves to make new friends:)

Mum and I baked cherries nestum cookies

Baking is the best way to fill boredom, delete laziness and strengthen family bond.

Have a doubt? 
Try to bake with your family members or loved ones and you can feel it.

Today we baked nestum cookies. Instead of pressing against cookies with a fork, we used cherries as topping.

Watch out for what?
  1. Switch off the fan whenever you want to weigh the ingredients on a digital scale to get the specific weight/mass.
  2. A cup is a measuring cup for baking, not our typical drinking cup. *I wanted to use the normal cup until mum told me that, we should use measuring cup.*
The recipe was copied from some websites.
Here's the ingredients:
  • Plain Flour-250g
  • Pure Butter-250g
  • Fine Sugar-120g
  • Eggs-2
  • Nestum-3 cups
  • Vanilla Essense-2 teaspoon

 1. Whisk the butter until fluffy.
Whisk the butter.

 2. Add sugar, eggs and Vanilla. Mix well.
Left: Sugar with Vanilla. Eggs. Add them into the fluffy butter.

3. Next, add the flour into the mixture.
Plain Flour:)

4. Once the flour has been mixed well, add in the Nestum.
Nestum and mixture of butter, flour, sugar, vanilla and egg.
The measuring cup for baking.

5. After adding Nestum, use a spatula to fold through the mixture of butter, flour, nestum, sugar, egg and Vanilla.
Fold them:)

6. Then, roll them into a size of a tiny ball. And add cherries on top OR use a fork to press it down.

7. Bake them at 150C for 8-10 minuites.

This is it!

This is the moment of baking cherries nestum cookies.
I love nestum cookies. Taste delicious.
You can try it too:)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A chance to visit Melaka Salvatorian Home with new people

I've always wanted to visit a charity home so I think my wish was answered when I came across the Facebook Page of a friend from Malacca Toastmasters Club.

Coincidentally, "Lunch with Orphans" was his latest event which falls on 20.1.2013 at Melaka Salvatorian Home. Without hesitation, I volunteered myself to join 'the fun' as he said. Surprisingly, my sister and her friend joined the fun too:)

Melaka Salvatorian Home on 20.1.2013.
We carpool with others since we did not know the route to the destination. So many meaningful quotes mentioned by the people like:"Simplicity is the best" and "A good car is the car that bring us to the destination".

William a.k.a the host or organizer of the event explained to us that the purpose of this event is to see the smile and laughter on the children's face. So he is the clown of the day with lots of balloons in his hand.

The children were waiting for their miracle balloons
I was there to feel the different environment and atmosphere. Seriously, there are so many reality things I've learnt from this small yet meaningful trip.

The children's faces showed 2 word: Strength and innocent.
They may not have a complete family unite like others, they still enjoy their everyday life with so much strength and energy. Also, they are so innocent and cute. One of them named Julian is so active, talkative and cute!

Almost everyone of them is not afraid of us. They will hold our hand, asked us to sit with them, eat with them and open the goodie bags with them. They are friendly children.

I saw this girl, asked her name. And she said:"Cai Hong". We shared the same Chinese Name!

Sister with the kids:)

Are they hard to handle? Not at all.
Imagine there were like 14 of them yet it was not a problem to mix around with them. They were very well-behaved. Whenever the dentist gave some creative instruction on how to brush our teeth, they listened attentively and followed what she mentioned!

Brush teeth:)

Look at them:)
The sisters in Salvatorian Home really good in showing them to the world of good attitude. I was glad to have conversation with the sisters. They shower the children with equal love and care.

One of the unforgetttable conversation was this:
Sister:" Sometimes, they will fight or do something naughty. I asked one of them to hug the tiang"
Me:"Whoa. Did he followed what you said?"
Sister:"Oh yes but he went to get a chair first to sit down before hugging it."

Smart kid yeh?

Sister and her friend with one of the sisters:)

Before we depart, the clown gave the goodie bags the children.
Everyone wanted a watch after seeing their friends got watches. Anyway, they loved their goodie bags so much.

They played together, showing off their stuff to their friends after receiving the goodie bags. Sharing is really caring. Sharing is fun too! That's what I saw on their faces.

Can't wait for his goodie bag:)

Lovely girl!

Why are they closing their nose?

Busy checking their bags:)

It was a fun yet awesome trip that I am so grateful to join.
I learnt that:
  1. Smile and laughter is the best way to live our life.
  2. The love that we shower can make a difference to the children's life.
  3. A good attitude must be instilled since we were young.
Us with the clown:)
I am so happy that she came along:) One of the best people I met in Malacca Toastmasters Club!:)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Inspiration from FourFeetNine's Kempen Sopan Santun

In the realm of Internet, I never stop keeping abreast of news of the world, keeping update with the tips and life of the bloggers from all around the world.

I am so lucky to come across an article from a latest post about Kempen Sopan Santun a.k.a Courtesy Campaign by Audrey.

I gain awesome inspiration from Audrey to recall some not-so-sopan and sopan incidents that happened in my life.

My Not-So-Sopan *Not-so-polite* incidents

1. At the airport and he said:"Please Line Up"

The moment the plane touched down, I was so excited to head to the main entrance, walking towards the booth that sell bus ticket to Malacca.

You know, my mind was blank because all I wanted was to buy a ticket and go home. A foreign person was standing at the corner of the booth.

So I thought like the queuing up style in fast-food restaurant where a person stand at the corner of the counter while waiting for the food, the next customer come forward to take his/her order style. I went straight to the booth but was stopped by the person.

He said:"Please line up." 
I immediately said:"Sorry" and stand few distances away from him before waiting for my turn.

That day, I learn that some people prefer to stand far away from the next customer or standing at the corner of the booth. That does not mean that the person had finished buying their food/ticket.

I learn new thing from the person.

Google: Please Line Up:)

2. At the restroom and she said:"Stupid"
Almost everyone was lining up while waiting for their turn to do their small/big business.

A girl was standing by the sink in the restroom of the airport. Sometimes we waited and waited then someone will politely said:"You can go ahead, I am waiting for my friend/sister/mother."

So I thought perhaps that girl was waiting for her friend. Without hesitation, I stand in front of her. Then she said:"Stupid".
Well, not directly to me because there were people who always have the same thought as me.

She looked at her friend and mention:"Stupid".
Whoa, it was quite a surprise word but it was my fault because I did not know that she was lining up.

Besides, the way she spoke was different and I only found out she was not a Malaysian.

Next time, I will learn to ask everyone before cutting their line. She taught me something new.

My Sopan "polite" incidents

1. In the university bus. It was 2 for 3
Catching the bus in Universiti Malaysia Sabah early in the morning is so challenging. Sometimes, we run like mad, hoping the bus driver will wait for us for a few more minutes. At the time, the bus was full of students.

One day,  the bus was so crowded so as usual, I was standing while holding my heavy laptop at the same time. A girl touched my hand, asking me to sit with her without hesitation. I was the one hesitated because the seat was meant for 2 persons. I was the 3rd person. Imagine they were so thin yet allowed a fat student to join them.

I was so touched and still touched by their attitude. I will never forget their kindness.

Google: Have your seat:)

2. At the hospital's waiting hall for the old folks
If you are late, there is no seat for you. That's normal, very normal.

I was lucky to have a seat when a person went back while I was waiting for a memo from the doctor. Then I saw 2 old couples just came out from the other room. They too, were waiting something from the doctor.

But they were standing. They were old and weak. So I let one of them to take my seat. After seeing what I did, another good young person also let the other one to take his seat. Both of the old couple were thankful and said thank you to us.

It feels good to see their smiles:)

Through Audrey's post and my life experience, I've learn that:
  1. We must always line up, sometimes stand a few distances away.
  2. Always empty our seats for the older adults, pregnant women and children.

A Mexican Proverb said:
"Do good and don't worry to whom"

Friday, 18 January 2013

I've completed 3 missions so far in 2013...

Did I mention that I jot down 24 resolutions for my 2013 goal.
That means, I just went through 1/8 of my full 2013 journey.

Well, I am kind of excited because this is my first ever resolution list in my 22 years as a person who comes to this world. I do not want my 2013 resolution to be at a standstill.

It's awesome to have your own resolution because that keeps you focused and appreciate the power of time. Everyone has 24 hours a day so let's make use of the power of time wisely.

One of my tuition teacher used to say this:
"It does not matter whether you want to be lazy for 30 years. But, when you reach the age of 50, you try to rewind what you have done for the past 30 years?"
This is a real serious thing to be considered in my life. Thank you teacher for sharing us with such as great sentences.

Here's my completed missions:

1. Save money to come back to Malacca in April/May during semester break
I will be back to Sabah next month. Being a home-person for almost a year, it must be weird to adapt to my life without my family again. I am looking forward to continue my life in Sabah but I still miss my family.

So, I want to come back to my hometown for a week during the semester break. Luckily daddy lend me booking-ticket-money first. If I find a job during the long semester break from June till August, I will pay him back the money.
Google: Flying home :)

2. Donate money to the needy
Last year, I was in a unexpected situation but I met many kind people who willing to lend us their hands including provide meals and shelters. This gives me full strength to help the needy too.

I am so thankful to my friend whom finally exposed me, gave me a chance to help. Although I could not make it to the visiting day, I still can donate some money to her. I trust her because we used to study in the same primary school like 12 years ago.

She used the money to buy stuff for the needy people. This is the picture:

My friend posted this picture to show us what she bought with the money:)

3. Passion in giving
Mother and I are so busy in the kitchen lately. We bake cookies and cakes during our free time. 

It had been like a month since I ceased working at Krista as a teaching assistant. But the spirit of ' Sharing food is good' does not fade away. I must thank Teacher Saras for showing me such a beautiful thing about food sharing. I do miss everyone of them so I asked myself:"Why not bake some cookies for them?"

Few days later, 2 students came to my house to visit me. They even said my cookies were nice. Well, I was happy because they said it was nice. Thank you so much.

I made Oatmeal cookies for the Krista buddies:)

There are 21 more missions that are waiting for me.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today, we visited the neighbour's new family member

We are the neighbours visited the neighbours today.

Sydney Smith said:"The dearest things in the world are our neighbor's eyes; they cost everybody more than anything else in housekeeping."

The neighbours are the closest loved ones since we live nearby to each other.

In the evening, the neighbours will come to our house once in a while.
The old, the young will spend the quality time to have a brief conversation, sometimes incessant conversation when the interesting topic was shared.

Today, we went to visit the neighbour's new family member: One-month-old baby boy. He is such a big cute baby with round head. The way he stared and looked at us is so funny. Well, every baby is cute because baby is innocent.

The neighbour said that it was so hard to look after her one-month-old baby boy.
By looking at him, we thought it was okay and said:" You will feel the real challenge when he is 7 months old."
That's how little Max behaves now, as a 7-month-old baby. He moves like a worm or snake.

Baby Max:)
Time really flies. Baby Max is 7 months old now.
When he was a-month-old, he was so tiny and small. He had long thin fingers and we were so happy that he has the 'pianist' fingers.
Now, his fingers are not as thin as last time.

Like the neighbour's baby, Max could not move. He cried to ask for milk. That's how baby's cuteness steals our heart. We loved seeing him lying on the bed, doing nothing but acting cute. Now, we can never cease chasing him here and there when he is crawling.

This is the first time we saw the neighbour's baby for the first time. He is so cute and huge for his age. You will feel nothing but happiness when being close to a baby.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"The Fierce Wife Movie" gives hope to single mothers

This movie is the Part 2 of The Fierce Wife.

Part 1 Summary:
"An Zhen is a housewife who was happily married to her husband. She was so engrossed in her work as a perfect wife and daughter. 

But her husband had an affair with An Zhen's cousin who was from overseas. An Zhen divorced her husband."

Part 2 Summary:
"She is a single mother for 4 years before accepting the love of a perfect handsome guy named Tian Wei.

Tian Wei changed An Zhen from a unfashionable housewife to a perfect modern lady. He waited her for 4 years before An Zhen accepted him, finally."

Google: Left: An Zhen's exhusband, An Zhen, Tian Wei.
This movie gives motivation and hopes to single mother.

Firstly, from this movie, I learn that being a single mother is not that hard depends on how you view  your life. An Zhen's cousin became a single mother to a 4-year-old boy after the affair with An Zhen's exwife. She told An Zhen it was not hard to be a single mother. It was a short yet strong sentence.

In reality, those big superstars with huge achievement at such a young age are unbelievable. Take a look at Justin Bieber, Adele or even Alicia Keys. 

They were brought up by young single mother. Although their mothers were young when raising them up without a husband, they did not find 'single mother' as an excuse. Instead, they worked hard and live each day giving the best to their children.

Google: Justin Bieber's mother is one strong single mother.

Secondly, "The Fierce Wife Movie" shows the world that, single mothers can be pretty and fashionable too. Before divorced, An Zhen was your typical housewife who did not think of her look but dedicated herself 100% to her husband and daughter. Then, Tian Wei came into her life and showed her that "you can be pretty for yourself, too".

Chantelle Houghton becomes a single mother when Dolly was 4-month-old. Even though she was sad and devastated, she gave her time to her daughter and herself by making herself pretty and looks confident. Thus, being a single mother is not the end of the pretty-yourself world.

Google: Chantelle Houghton with baby Dolly

Lastly, this movie tells the world that a single mother still can find true love after a failed marriage. Although An Zhen's ex husband had turned over a new leaf, trying to vow her again, An Zhen found her better true love by accepting Tian Wei.

Hollywood's pretty and sweet Reese Witherspoon divorced from her handsome husband. But she did not give up on meeting her true love again. Well, she met hers finally and now, she is a mother to a new baby from her second marriage.

Google: Reese Witherspoon wth her love Jim.

"The Fierce Wife" shows us that"
  1. Being a single mother is not that difficult when you can overcome the hardship.
  2. A single mother still can spend some times to 'beautify' herself.
  3. A single mother can find new true love too.
As Jody Watley said:
"Passion has always been important to me.
That won't change. What changes in a woman's perspective."

The family got 'cheaper' sweet muffins last week

Daddy decided to go to Kenny Rogers Roasters after everyone of us decided that Secret Recipe was not our 'day' last Saturday.

This is what we call 'Family' because my heart told me to go to Kenny Rogers silently without telling any of my family members. Perhaps daddy was indirectly bowed to his inner voice. Well, daddy also loved Kenny Rogers Roasters to bits.

I like the way the staffs set up a small table right in the middle of the main entrance to attract people on the promotion of Bcard in January.

The moment my family was ordering the food, I managed to ask the waiter about it. Turn out, it was a huge promotion in January by forking out RM10 for the card, we can get half dozen of Muffins immediately in January.

In reality, a muffin costs RM2.20. In conclusion, we saved few Ringgit Malaysia.

Look, the muffins promotion is true:)
Initially, the waiter told us that only two flavors was available: Vanilla and Banana. Then, we saw Chocolate Muffins. Curiosity took over me and without hesitation, I asked the waiter politely.

Ahh, I was not sure which waiters came first because they looked alike: Wearing a pair of glasses, a cap with almost similar face feature! 
This incident brought me back to year 2010 when I was a part time waitress.

"My friend came with his twin whom I'd never seen before. I was talking to my friend. By double confirm the menu, I looked at his twin. 
Luckily my friend was my friend, so we laughed together without me running away for the silly incident."

As a result of my asking, I found out that Chocolate Muffins sold out few minutes ago. The staffs baked the new ones and displayed outside, again.

Me with brother holding the Bcard.

Busy choosing the right food.

It's nice to spend some quality time eating with the family once in a while. It can be a last minute moment to decide the food but the process of chit-chatting, eating and laughing together as a family worth more than what we can imagine.

That day I learned that:
  1. Latest promotion or attractive things must be placed at the most attractive and obvious places.
  2. Make sure to look at the waiter/waitress when talking so that we will not mistaken which waiter was serving us.
  3. Eating with family members is the most amazing moment in life.

As George Santayana said:
"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."