Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Everyone is overprotective"

They said:"Don't be overprotective."

That's the reason why Max is still unable to stand properly without the help of a table or a person.

One of them said:"The more you carry a baby, the more he wants everyone to carry."

He was right. On the other hand, dad said:"When he grows up, we don't even have the strength to carry already."

He is right too.

But there is a good way for him to exercise his leg so that he can stand properly. One of the hospital staffs suggested...which is

"Let him play the toy table."

Immediately, we went home and took out the toy table from the storeroom. Initially, Max was so afraid to stand up and he fell once!

Then, he seemed to love the table and never stop playing it by standing up!

Well, perhaps he spent too much hours doing that. That's why he wanted to sit down to play the toys above by sitting on my lap. His butt was too heavy at night.

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