Sunday, 20 January 2013

A chance to visit Melaka Salvatorian Home with new people

I've always wanted to visit a charity home so I think my wish was answered when I came across the Facebook Page of a friend from Malacca Toastmasters Club.

Coincidentally, "Lunch with Orphans" was his latest event which falls on 20.1.2013 at Melaka Salvatorian Home. Without hesitation, I volunteered myself to join 'the fun' as he said. Surprisingly, my sister and her friend joined the fun too:)

Melaka Salvatorian Home on 20.1.2013.
We carpool with others since we did not know the route to the destination. So many meaningful quotes mentioned by the people like:"Simplicity is the best" and "A good car is the car that bring us to the destination".

William a.k.a the host or organizer of the event explained to us that the purpose of this event is to see the smile and laughter on the children's face. So he is the clown of the day with lots of balloons in his hand.

The children were waiting for their miracle balloons
I was there to feel the different environment and atmosphere. Seriously, there are so many reality things I've learnt from this small yet meaningful trip.

The children's faces showed 2 word: Strength and innocent.
They may not have a complete family unite like others, they still enjoy their everyday life with so much strength and energy. Also, they are so innocent and cute. One of them named Julian is so active, talkative and cute!

Almost everyone of them is not afraid of us. They will hold our hand, asked us to sit with them, eat with them and open the goodie bags with them. They are friendly children.

I saw this girl, asked her name. And she said:"Cai Hong". We shared the same Chinese Name!

Sister with the kids:)

Are they hard to handle? Not at all.
Imagine there were like 14 of them yet it was not a problem to mix around with them. They were very well-behaved. Whenever the dentist gave some creative instruction on how to brush our teeth, they listened attentively and followed what she mentioned!

Brush teeth:)

Look at them:)
The sisters in Salvatorian Home really good in showing them to the world of good attitude. I was glad to have conversation with the sisters. They shower the children with equal love and care.

One of the unforgetttable conversation was this:
Sister:" Sometimes, they will fight or do something naughty. I asked one of them to hug the tiang"
Me:"Whoa. Did he followed what you said?"
Sister:"Oh yes but he went to get a chair first to sit down before hugging it."

Smart kid yeh?

Sister and her friend with one of the sisters:)

Before we depart, the clown gave the goodie bags the children.
Everyone wanted a watch after seeing their friends got watches. Anyway, they loved their goodie bags so much.

They played together, showing off their stuff to their friends after receiving the goodie bags. Sharing is really caring. Sharing is fun too! That's what I saw on their faces.

Can't wait for his goodie bag:)

Lovely girl!

Why are they closing their nose?

Busy checking their bags:)

It was a fun yet awesome trip that I am so grateful to join.
I learnt that:
  1. Smile and laughter is the best way to live our life.
  2. The love that we shower can make a difference to the children's life.
  3. A good attitude must be instilled since we were young.
Us with the clown:)
I am so happy that she came along:) One of the best people I met in Malacca Toastmasters Club!:)

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  1. may i know where the Melaka Salvatorian Home location ?