Monday, 28 January 2013

The Boscombe Valley Mystery with awesome lessons

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It was love at first sight to read my brother's form 1 novel entitled The Boscombe Valley Mystery. It's about the famous detective named Sherlock Holmes.

It's about a murder case of McCarthy. Many thought that James McCarthy a.k.a the son of the deceased was guilty of murdering his late father.

However, the famous detective in the town, Sherlock Holmes thought that a simple case had complex story which we did not know yet.

At the end, we knew the murderer was a long time enemy of McCarthy.

Why this book is interesting?
  1. The story is transformed into comic form *My lazy brother loves to read it too!*
  2. There are some exercises at the end of each chapter *We can recall the story better, faster and easier*.
Comic form :)

I always love the fact that some stories or movie can teach us good lessons in real life.  For example:

1. Be more observant 
Sherlock Holmes is an observant master detective.
He knew the suspect was a tall guy based on the big footprint near the lake.
He knew the suspect was from his origin country based on the code gave by McCarthy before he passed away.

Real Life:
I knew a friend who was good in observing. She was not sure which was my house. But, based on the type of clothes which were dried on the clotheslines.

2. Be more understanding
Dr. Watson received a telegram. He was unsure whether to meet Holmes at the railway station since he did not want to leave his job.

Luckily, his wife was very understanding. She asked him to go to meet Holmes and left the job to other colleague.

Real Life:
Mother is a understanding wife. She never say anything when daddy always works at other states apart from Malacca.

Instead, she takes good care of the family at home without letting daddy worried.

3. Keep the promise
Holmes promised Mr. Turner that he would never let anyone read the letter of Mr. Turner as long as James was found innocent.

Holmes kept his promise till the end of the day. He never let Alice Turner to read what was written in the letter of her late father, Mr. Turner.

Real Life:
I faced minor problem last year. My lecturer said he would help me. Although I did not reply the message for a day, he still kept his promise on the next day.

That's how I get to start a new life again.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery's Lessons:
  1. Be more observant
  2. Be more understanding
  3. Keep our promise

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