Monday, 21 January 2013

Mum and I baked cherries nestum cookies

Baking is the best way to fill boredom, delete laziness and strengthen family bond.

Have a doubt? 
Try to bake with your family members or loved ones and you can feel it.

Today we baked nestum cookies. Instead of pressing against cookies with a fork, we used cherries as topping.

Watch out for what?
  1. Switch off the fan whenever you want to weigh the ingredients on a digital scale to get the specific weight/mass.
  2. A cup is a measuring cup for baking, not our typical drinking cup. *I wanted to use the normal cup until mum told me that, we should use measuring cup.*
The recipe was copied from some websites.
Here's the ingredients:
  • Plain Flour-250g
  • Pure Butter-250g
  • Fine Sugar-120g
  • Eggs-2
  • Nestum-3 cups
  • Vanilla Essense-2 teaspoon

 1. Whisk the butter until fluffy.
Whisk the butter.

 2. Add sugar, eggs and Vanilla. Mix well.
Left: Sugar with Vanilla. Eggs. Add them into the fluffy butter.

3. Next, add the flour into the mixture.
Plain Flour:)

4. Once the flour has been mixed well, add in the Nestum.
Nestum and mixture of butter, flour, sugar, vanilla and egg.
The measuring cup for baking.

5. After adding Nestum, use a spatula to fold through the mixture of butter, flour, nestum, sugar, egg and Vanilla.
Fold them:)

6. Then, roll them into a size of a tiny ball. And add cherries on top OR use a fork to press it down.

7. Bake them at 150C for 8-10 minuites.

This is it!

This is the moment of baking cherries nestum cookies.
I love nestum cookies. Taste delicious.
You can try it too:)

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