Sunday, 3 February 2013

I was in a I "Invite Freedom Home" [1/3]

I was actually living in a cage in my own heart for months last time. I did not realize it.
All I knew was that I was living in a normal life with the only difference: Mood that pulls me down from the peak of a mountain. Until I realize I need to find my freedom now by reading his book.

What's "Invite Freedom Home"?
It's a very good book written by local author a.k.a a Toastmasters International member named Tham Chee Wah.

I almost 'missed' to see it on the shelf of Popular. Thank God my never-give-up spirit helped me. Tham Chee Wah also mentioned "All you ever need to do is to remember and say 'Yes!' to what shows up".

"Invite Freedom Home"
This book shows me that when we are so eager to chase Freedom, we must never forget Discipline too. The left and right brain are brothers! That's how the author can achieve his goal, living in his own world with discipline to remembered.

He shows me that we can achieve freedom now, by setting our heart free without waiting for the perfect time to achieve freedom. We will never know when is our perfect time too. Why not start to love every single moment of our life now?

Me with the book bought from Popular.

How I "Invite Freedom Home" to my world?

1. Follow the heart to lead us to inner peace
To live in a peaceful way is freedom.  We don't need to find peace only by going to the spa, shopping or even watching movie. The author has found his 'peace' when he found a exit way to the horror running experience.

My World:
The presence of Max was so unpredictable. There are people who thought life is going to be tough and miserable without happiness now. Somehow, we are so happy with the presence of Max until I realize that it is a 'Peace' to be with him.  I am no more alone. The burden is a peace.

2. Trust our divine is a talent
We don't really need to plan every single thing, follow every single plan that we have planned. Sometimes, setting ourselves free for some times. Of course, when we found the hint, we must practise it to make it a 'talent'.

You see, the freedom of choosing what we love can be a talent when we put in the ingredient of discipline.

My World:
I always love piano...and I got my first baby toy piano at the age of 6. Without knowing notes, I bough music books with numbers written on top. Never did I imagine that I got to attend a piano class when my family moved to our hometown 5 years later.

The moment I wished to learn piano, my new classmate invited me to join her to a piano lesson. Now, I get to play any song that I love and mix and match it as I wish on the black-and-white key.

3. Love what we do, do what we love now
The author said that we can get a rest when we are tired, even rest for a year. But the rest must be a thing that we love to do...finding our true identity, searching for the things we really love to do when we are 'resting'.

My World:
I thought my cousin made a silly decision by resting for a year from her degree life. Never did I know that I too got to rest from the degree life for almost a year too.

People think this is crazy, wasting my time from going to the working world a year slower than my course mates. Somehow, I learn so many things in this one year! I learn that:
  • Sharing food is the most wonderful things in the world
  • Give myself a chance to believe in people,let them help me when I face problems
  • Thankful for everything I have. So many things I've seen when I was in and out of hospital for 6 months.
  • Always spend time with the family

"Invite Freedom Home" doesn't just want us to find freedom only. 
It also helps me to realize I got so much freedom that I did not realize I have them in my life.
Follow the heart and do what we love now.

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