Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Open your mind and heart...you can "Invite Freedom Home" [2/3]

"But the mist was still hovering all over the swamp. At long last, I saw the silhouette of a man by a bridge but I wasn't sure; he was not moving at all. 
Was it really a person? Was it my imagination? 
When I got nearer, the figure began to move ahead, it was indeed a man with a small bag. I was so relieved, I finally found someone to ask for direction:"Am I heading towards the village of Lumbini?".  He nodded his head, phew, I was on the right track after all."

He was so firm with his decision of going to Lumbini although the bus was fated to stop at Kathmandu. Without thinking twice, he took his own path, chose the less travel path to reach Lumbini.

I was in a blur mode when he mentioned that we should follow our heart. Without a goal or plan? After continue to the book, I understand what he means by saying that we must plan something. After completing the planning decision, we do not need to worry about the outcome but enjoy the flow. That's what the author, Tham Chee Wah said in his latest book, "Invite Freedom Home".

How did I apply it in my life yesterday?
It was a rushing day yesterday. After came back from school, brother got to go to the hospital for his medical appointment.

He was supposed to leave the classroom at 1pm but he was so scared to be scolded by teacher. So he remained silent. So mother waited until 2pm like that. Anyway we finally reached the hospital but brother forgot to bring the appointment card.

"Why you forgot to bring!?" I raised my voice at the counter.
"I forgot to bring. Let's place the urine test into the basket first." My brother was panicked but later he cooled down and decided to do it.

Well, the nurse at the counter saw the sibling-commotion and spoke nicely to us. Thank God she was a patient person. Anyway, I kept calm myself and said:" We come for brother's appointment. Since the registration process was done, all we need to do is to wait."

Around 6p.m, brother's number was called. Brother, uncle and I waited for hours but we did not complain about it. It must be hard for a 13-year-old boy to sit down for hours without making noise for the first time.

Max loves the cover of "Invite Freedom Home"

What did I do for that 4 hours at the hospital's clinic?
I was walking to the brochure section. Whoa, the first brochure I took was "Mata Merah". Oh yea, yesterday was the first day I got this sore eyes early in the morning.

At least, this brochure reminds me to use clean tissue or soft clothes to wipe my eyes twice a day. And I felt better. But I did go to the 1Malaysia clinic at night.

Then my eyes were glued at the big televisions screen because "MedikTV" was aired. I am so proud of Malaysia for producing a program which raises our awareness of health in a simple and attractive way with graphics that simplify the message.

I saw a old man. He was so happy-go-lucky. He waited for hours but he did not complain or showed moody face. Instead, he went to others' seats and talked to them. He was a easy-going person. I was sitting far away yet I can feel his happy aura. Strong happy, friendly aura. That's when I know that a happy person can attract people to stick to him!

Anyway, I did not know that brother and I got a chance to talk to this happy man when all of us were waiting for a letter from the doctor. It was a nice conversation A brief yet unforgettable conversation.

Because I open my heart and mind to go with the flow, I have a chance to
  1. Learn about taking care of the sore eyes.
  2. Keep abreast of the importance of eating healthily, doing exercise from MedikTV.
  3. Realize that being happy can makes the atmosphere a happy place.

As the author said:
"Relax. Relax into everything in life and know that it is Ok."

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