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"The Fierce Wife Movie" gives hope to single mothers

This movie is the Part 2 of The Fierce Wife.

Part 1 Summary:
"An Zhen is a housewife who was happily married to her husband. She was so engrossed in her work as a perfect wife and daughter. 

But her husband had an affair with An Zhen's cousin who was from overseas. An Zhen divorced her husband."

Part 2 Summary:
"She is a single mother for 4 years before accepting the love of a perfect handsome guy named Tian Wei.

Tian Wei changed An Zhen from a unfashionable housewife to a perfect modern lady. He waited her for 4 years before An Zhen accepted him, finally."

Google: Left: An Zhen's exhusband, An Zhen, Tian Wei.
This movie gives motivation and hopes to single mother.

Firstly, from this movie, I learn that being a single mother is not that hard depends on how you view  your life. An Zhen's cousin became a single mother to a 4-year-old boy after the affair with An Zhen's exwife. She told An Zhen it was not hard to be a single mother. It was a short yet strong sentence.

In reality, those big superstars with huge achievement at such a young age are unbelievable. Take a look at Justin Bieber, Adele or even Alicia Keys. 

They were brought up by young single mother. Although their mothers were young when raising them up without a husband, they did not find 'single mother' as an excuse. Instead, they worked hard and live each day giving the best to their children.

Google: Justin Bieber's mother is one strong single mother.

Secondly, "The Fierce Wife Movie" shows the world that, single mothers can be pretty and fashionable too. Before divorced, An Zhen was your typical housewife who did not think of her look but dedicated herself 100% to her husband and daughter. Then, Tian Wei came into her life and showed her that "you can be pretty for yourself, too".

Chantelle Houghton becomes a single mother when Dolly was 4-month-old. Even though she was sad and devastated, she gave her time to her daughter and herself by making herself pretty and looks confident. Thus, being a single mother is not the end of the pretty-yourself world.

Google: Chantelle Houghton with baby Dolly

Lastly, this movie tells the world that a single mother still can find true love after a failed marriage. Although An Zhen's ex husband had turned over a new leaf, trying to vow her again, An Zhen found her better true love by accepting Tian Wei.

Hollywood's pretty and sweet Reese Witherspoon divorced from her handsome husband. But she did not give up on meeting her true love again. Well, she met hers finally and now, she is a mother to a new baby from her second marriage.

Google: Reese Witherspoon wth her love Jim.

"The Fierce Wife" shows us that"
  1. Being a single mother is not that difficult when you can overcome the hardship.
  2. A single mother still can spend some times to 'beautify' herself.
  3. A single mother can find new true love too.
As Jody Watley said:
"Passion has always been important to me.
That won't change. What changes in a woman's perspective."

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