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Inspiration from FourFeetNine's Kempen Sopan Santun

In the realm of Internet, I never stop keeping abreast of news of the world, keeping update with the tips and life of the bloggers from all around the world.

I am so lucky to come across an article from a latest post about Kempen Sopan Santun a.k.a Courtesy Campaign by Audrey.

I gain awesome inspiration from Audrey to recall some not-so-sopan and sopan incidents that happened in my life.

My Not-So-Sopan *Not-so-polite* incidents

1. At the airport and he said:"Please Line Up"

The moment the plane touched down, I was so excited to head to the main entrance, walking towards the booth that sell bus ticket to Malacca.

You know, my mind was blank because all I wanted was to buy a ticket and go home. A foreign person was standing at the corner of the booth.

So I thought like the queuing up style in fast-food restaurant where a person stand at the corner of the counter while waiting for the food, the next customer come forward to take his/her order style. I went straight to the booth but was stopped by the person.

He said:"Please line up." 
I immediately said:"Sorry" and stand few distances away from him before waiting for my turn.

That day, I learn that some people prefer to stand far away from the next customer or standing at the corner of the booth. That does not mean that the person had finished buying their food/ticket.

I learn new thing from the person.

Google: Please Line Up:)

2. At the restroom and she said:"Stupid"
Almost everyone was lining up while waiting for their turn to do their small/big business.

A girl was standing by the sink in the restroom of the airport. Sometimes we waited and waited then someone will politely said:"You can go ahead, I am waiting for my friend/sister/mother."

So I thought perhaps that girl was waiting for her friend. Without hesitation, I stand in front of her. Then she said:"Stupid".
Well, not directly to me because there were people who always have the same thought as me.

She looked at her friend and mention:"Stupid".
Whoa, it was quite a surprise word but it was my fault because I did not know that she was lining up.

Besides, the way she spoke was different and I only found out she was not a Malaysian.

Next time, I will learn to ask everyone before cutting their line. She taught me something new.

My Sopan "polite" incidents

1. In the university bus. It was 2 for 3
Catching the bus in Universiti Malaysia Sabah early in the morning is so challenging. Sometimes, we run like mad, hoping the bus driver will wait for us for a few more minutes. At the time, the bus was full of students.

One day,  the bus was so crowded so as usual, I was standing while holding my heavy laptop at the same time. A girl touched my hand, asking me to sit with her without hesitation. I was the one hesitated because the seat was meant for 2 persons. I was the 3rd person. Imagine they were so thin yet allowed a fat student to join them.

I was so touched and still touched by their attitude. I will never forget their kindness.

Google: Have your seat:)

2. At the hospital's waiting hall for the old folks
If you are late, there is no seat for you. That's normal, very normal.

I was lucky to have a seat when a person went back while I was waiting for a memo from the doctor. Then I saw 2 old couples just came out from the other room. They too, were waiting something from the doctor.

But they were standing. They were old and weak. So I let one of them to take my seat. After seeing what I did, another good young person also let the other one to take his seat. Both of the old couple were thankful and said thank you to us.

It feels good to see their smiles:)

Through Audrey's post and my life experience, I've learn that:
  1. We must always line up, sometimes stand a few distances away.
  2. Always empty our seats for the older adults, pregnant women and children.

A Mexican Proverb said:
"Do good and don't worry to whom"

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